Seelos’ joy of being appointed to St. Mary’s is short-lived. Only a month after arriving he is transferred to Cumberland, Maryland to become the superior and prefect of students at the Redemptorist seminary. This sudden change is due to multiple student criticisms about the current prefect, Fr. Michael Mueller, and his rigid, melancholy personality which has created an “unhealthy situation” at the seminary. The man responsible for Seelos’ reassignment, Fr. Augustine Hewit, says, “The one whom I think best fitted for it is Fr. Seelos. He is a saint in spirituality, and an angel in sweetness.” Naturally, Seelos wins the hearts of everyone there almost immediately. Within a few months, the number of seminary students doubles. Fr. Mueller does not take this news very well. | Shown above, a sketch of the monastery and church at Cumberland by Fr. Louis Dold, the church’s second pastor (1851-1853).