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Death, Where Is Your Sting?
Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, C.Ss.R. & His Edifying Encounter with Yellow Fever

is a tender account of Father Seelos' final weeks of life as told primarily by those who witnessed his historic death. Seldom revealed details surrounding his encounter with yellow fever transport us to the bedside of a true martyr.

  • Read how Father Seelos foretold his own death.
  • Learn why the attending doctor was so amazed.
  • Discover the irony of the person who spoke last into Father Seelos' ear.
  • Meet the one who was cured with a touch to Father Seelos in the casket.

Hardcover, 175 pages, with photos
Byron Miller, C.Ss.R., Editor

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"If [a priest] comes to a sickbed, into the poisoned air and walks toward to contagious disease — it is repugnant to him, yet only he will succeed to approach the glowing wick and to straighten out the crushed reed."
— F. X. Seelos

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Cheerful Ascetic
The Life of Francis Xavier Seelos, C.Ss.R.

If laughter is proverbially the best medicine, then the example of the CHEERFUL ASCETIC is an elixir for the Christian soul.

Meet the CHEERFUL ASCETIC, Father Francis Xavier Seelos, a 19th century Redemptorist missionary priest. Many miracles are attributed to Father Seelos' intercession, both during his life and after his death in 1867. His life and virtues have been approved by the church as heroic and he was the only North American to be declared Blessed in the Jubilee Year 2000.

This revised and updated edition captures the totality of Father Seelos' piety and personality and links us to a Powerful Intercessor that we can realistically identify with, and hopefully emulate.

Hardcover, 480 pages, with photos and index
Michael J. Curley, C.Ss.R., Author

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Seelos: Tireless Intercessor

How 'Bout Them Promising New Orleans Saints!

This documentary chronicles the heroic and miraculous life of a young immigrant Redemptorist priest, Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos (1819-1867). Father Seelos possessed great mystical gifts due to his intense prayer life. His ability to minister with cheerful holiness made him a spiritual father to tens of thousands. Despite his early death, so profound was his missionary zeal that sickness, persecution, and even the upheaval caused by the Civil War could not stop him.

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68 minutes

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